Feb 9, 2011

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Less Is More With Convertible Clothing

At first glance, it appears to be nothing more than a swath of fabric. After some deft and swift handiwork, involving a tuck here and a knot there, that same bit of material magically morphs into a sexy halter neck dress.

On a whim, the wearer changes her mind. But instead of changing into something else entirely, she simply performs some more origami on the cloth, redraping, tying and twisting and voila: the same fabric transforms into a chic, off-the-shoulder affair.

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Sep 15, 2010

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Fashion Finally Creates A Perfect Fit For Fuller Figures

The industry where thin is the only trend that is and always has been in, is finally willing to acknowledge the big fat truth: most real women do not look like super skinny supermodels.

In fact, with the amount of fat people officially outweighing the thin in the US population (where 62% of all women are overweight), and with the belt-tightening economy not letting up just yet, the fat averse fashion industry can simply no longer afford to dismiss this growing market of consumers.

So tomorrow, 16 September 2010, amid New York’s prestigious Fashion Week, a group of American designers will finally present a fashion show solely dedicated to fuller-figured fashionistas. Although the event is not officially part of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, it is being hailed by many as a long overdue step in the right direction.

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Aug 6, 2010

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Zoo City Bares: Book-Inspired Art With Heart

A South African author went beyond mere cover art and illustrations when she teamed up with a local design and animation studio to create tangible art works relating to the themes in her latest book.

For her second novel, Zoo City, writer Lauren Beukes and the am i collective studio in Cape Town collaborated with local illustrators to create five distinct, 40 centimetre high, vinyl Bares.

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Jul 14, 2010

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Football Fever Spreads To Fashion

Branded team uniforms aside, sports and fashion are not usually equated with each other. Yet a well known South African designer is of the opinion that the soccer fever that has been gripping the country for the past month, courtesy of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, will be reflected in our clothing long after the tournament’s final whistle has blown.

Since the World Cup kicked off here on our sunny shores, South Africa has been awash in a sea of bright, cheerful yellow as fans of all ages enthusiastically donned Bafana Bafana’s colours to show their support to the national team. Not even chilly winter temperatures and the team failing to quality past the first round managed to turn the country blue.

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May 24, 2010

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Proof That Style Has No Age Restriction

Normally, when waif-like girls who have barely entered their teens make waves in the global fashion industry, it is as the Next Great Supermodel. They hardly ever garner attention as widely respected commentators on high fashion.

But if you are still under the impression that Vogue’s devil editor Anna Wintour has the final and most influential say about what is à la mode these days, then you are hopelessly behind the times. (And not necessarily in a cool, vintage or retro way either!) Because for the last few years, those shoes – and in this instance the shoes in question are often outrageously towering Miu Miu platforms – have increasingly been filled by one Tavi Gevinson.

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Apr 22, 2010

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Things that have tickled me this month

Why you have to bag a bag

Being interviewed this week in The Guardian newspaper, Mulberry’s chief executive Godfrey Davis said that, “women use their handbags all day every day, so it is very easy to rationalise why having a jolly nice handbag is a good thing”. This is the company’s reason for calling their bags ‘heirlooms’, enabling them to convince women that spending £1,000 on a handbag is an investment for the future. Read more…

Spending again

It was reported in Wealth Bulletin that the wealthy have finally become bored with acting frugally. They believe that their enforced austerity can now stop and they will cease to no longer spend by getting right back to building up their wardrobes. This is supported by the fact that top fashion brands are outperforming others on the MSCI world index – splendid news! Read more…

Cheap chic

J.Crew, the American clothing chain continues to make headlines with its affordable fashion.  Spearheaded by role models like Michelle Obama, the brand is apparently the ‘go to shop’ for fortysomethings in need of a chic reality check. This high-street brand puts it high fashion credentials down to one thing – Jenna Lyons (their hyper-trendy creative director). Where they differentiate themselves from throw away fashion is that while affordable, there is an inherent quality to their garments. What impressed me is their attention to detail.  Take, for instance, their boucle tweed jacket that sold out moments after it was seen on the First Lady; the tweed came from Linton, the Cumbrian company that also makes tweeds for Chanel. Read more…

Virtual advice

‘Ask a Stylist’, a fashion application which threatens to take away my job was released on 12 April 2010.  iPhone have released a real-time fashion best friend, one whom you send pictures of yourself in certain outfits and ask for feedback; or ask specialist advice such as “can you wear a spaghetti strap with a chunky chain link necklace”. The worst bit it that it is free – unlike me. Read more…

by Léonie Tovell

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