Skattie has a lot of friends, some of whom’s the who’s who and some who just make do.

Watch this space for new faces, old faces and sometimes no faces (some might prefer to stay anonymous).

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Our Friends

Marike van der Watt

Marike van der WattMarike van der Watt is a jack of all trades, trying to master some. Breeding with Bull Terriers was not on her bucket list, but somehow it just happened. Singing in choirs is essential to her well-being, while being involved in school activities such as selling cool drinks at the school athletics meeting or stitching together a pair of trousers for the school concert is an inevitable result of having 3 children. She is now busy with the degree MPhil in Translation Studies at the Stellenbosch University, and hopes to finish her thesis, with the title “Die Afrikaanse bestemming van CS Lewis se Voyage of the Dawn Treader” (“The Afrikaans destination of C.S. Lewis’s Voyage of the Dawn Treader”), very soon. She is also doing a writing course with Madri Victor.

Léonie Tovell

Léonie Tovell

Léonie Tovell is the founder of Blink a successful Style Consultancy with offices in the UK, USA and Middle East. She is the youngest and one of only 43 people in the world who has the Master of Image Consultancy qualification. Léonie has trained some of the worlds most successful Stylists in both the UK and US. She is a regular radio commentator  working closely with the international media and as a Brand Expert for the BBC World Service. A fashion interpreter and regular writer of Fashion Trends for Stylists and magazines Léonie also provides fashion trend reports biannually for her extensive client base. An active member of the Ethical Fashion Trends Group she has assisted with London Fashion Week, advised fashion designers and organised hundreds of fashion functions. Léonie’s passion within the Image Consultancy industry is overlapping the core principles of Colour and Style with the creativity of fashion. Through dynamic presentation, beautiful images, fabulous clothing and discussion, Léonie brings people bang up to date with the fashion industry and provides them with a formula for a more fashionable life.


Flux Trend

FLUX is a trends analysis company launched by Dion Chang.

The company’s by-line – The State We’re In – says it all. At FLUX we examine macro trends (everything from politics, religion, youth culture, media, entertainment and technology) that affect social dynamics and therefore our business interactions. FLUX gathers the barrage of information flung at us in the 21st century, analyses it, and then packages the information into digestible chunks, allowing small or corporate businesses to re-assess the consumer landscape. FLUX is a unique trend consultancy. We specialize in understanding consumer mindset and assist companies with innovative concepts and experiences to enhance their brand strategy in a world that is constantly in a state of FLUX.