Jan 13, 2010

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Wonki Ware: Too Pretty To Be Plates

Diet? What diet?

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to throw more brunches and dinner parties for your friends – not that we’d know if it is one of your resolutions, because you were all too terribly coy to tell us what resolutions you’ve made – we have something that will definitely beautify your table.

What? You honestly didn’t think that we were going to offer to help you cook, did you?

No, on that front, you are entirely left to your own devices. But if your ability to dream up culinary masterpieces is a bit… shall we say… lacking, you can always distract your guests from noticing that they are having take-away’s by serving it on gorgeous Wonki Ware plates. They’ll be so charmed by the beauty of this uniquely South African crockery, they will hardly know what they are eating.

Hand-crafted by South African potter Di Marshall and her team at her factory in the Garden Route city of George, each beautiful piece is individually created. The range of stunning designs include side and dinner plates; dessert, pasta and soup bowls; ramekin dishes; salad bowls and cake platters. The various designs can also be mixed and matched.

For more information, visit the Wonki Ware website.

Bon Appétit, skatties!



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