Dec 8, 2009

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When gadgets cause agony

So, you’re busy typing an urgent document on your desktop at work and the phone suddenly rings. Your mind is racing. It’s all just busy, busy, busy. You pick up the phone, put it against your ear and balance it on your shoulder whilst you continue with that all-important document. Caution! Not only is this bad work posture, it can also lead to what has come to be known as ‘cell phone neck’.

Cell phone neck, an ailment that causes a partial spasm of neck muscles, is one of the many gadget induced ailments that are dogging the modern world, causing frenzy around medical circles. Doctors, psychologists and health studies are increasingly discovering that ailments that may not necessarily be new are suddenly exhibiting a more common occurrence as a result of increased gadget use in society. Mobile phones, iPods and gaming consoles are causing agony for those who use them excessively.

This trend snack features in “The State We’re In – The 2010 Flux Trend Review” published by Pan Macmillan, which is now available through leading bookstores.

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