Skattie.com was born out of the need to share with people around the world, a sense of style that is fresh and happening here and now (wherever you might find yourself at this point of your journey in life).

It’s also a core value to point out that you don’t have to be a market leader to define your lifestyle or sense of style, but that ordinary people on the street, can reach out and touch millions of readers online and even start new trends.

What defines an authority on new fashion, design or lifestyle beliefs? Sure, an insane amount of research, years of experience, fierce marketing campaigns and lots of money – and yet, you have the free will to choose what you take, and what you’d rather leave out of your life.

Skattie fills that gap… We bring you contributors from all walks of life. People with experience and people that are out in the street, that share their stories with you on a regular basis and help you define a life that you’ve chosen.

Enjoy your stay on this website, join our community and share your thoughts.

Skattie X