Perhaps you’re the panic-stricken guy who has been fielding the hints from his skattie that she’ll be expecting something lacy and racy in her Christmas stocking this year. (You know it’s a test, right men? Because if you buy it and it’s too big, she’ll be insulted, angry or hurt. Expect similar reactions if it’s too small…)

Or maybe you’re that woman who wants to reward herself and spruce up her wardrobe with some sexy and beautiful underwear, but knows from humiliating experience that most of the shops don’t have anything in her size.

Yes, we know that shopping for lingerie can be an equally intimidating experience for both genders. If only there was a way to do it discreetly, like being able to shop online and still be guaranteed that it will fit properly, right?

Ah, but skatties, thanks to a British company, there is! is an online lingerie and sportswear shop complete with its own interactive video fitting room. Site users simply select a virtual model with a body type similar to the one they’re shopping for and let her try on the different styles and sizes. You’ll even be able to view your virtual model from different angles and have her parade up and down a virtual catwalk to get a good indication of what your selection will look like on the shape you’re buying it for.

And speaking of shape and size: women’s proverbial cups will overflow when they hear that KnickerPicker caters for every size from 32AA to 40HH. So now every woman, no matter what her size, can own and wear gorgeous lingerie from leading designer brands.

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