If you’ve always harboured the desire to judge a beauty contest, here is your invitation to do so.

But instead of being presented with a handful of bikini-clad lovelies parading down a runway, the finalists in this pageant include a curvy coffee table, a fluidly designed Flow ring and an elegantly shaped barstool that pays homage to the skillful art of… riding an ostrich.

The biggest and most colourful annual celebration of creativity and innovation in Africa, the Design Indaba, is right around the corner and event organisers need your help to determine this year’s Most Beautiful Object in South Africa.

Among the diverse objets d’art jostling for this year’s prestigious title are pieces of furniture, lamps, jewellery, a 3-D sculptural vessel, a beer pot, a book, an eco-friendly wooden chandelier and even a shoulder bag shaped like a tulip.

The pieces in this collection, although varied in size, shape, texture and colour, are bound by a common thread. They are all prime examples of originality, creativity, passion, extraordinary craftsmanship, and – the reason why each piece was selected in the first place – unique beauty.

All the finalists will be on display during the 2010 Design Indaba Expo which will take place from 24 to 26 February at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. Expo goers will have the opportunity to select who they think ought to be the worthy winner of the Design Indaba’s Most Beautiful Object in South Africa 2010 title by submitting a vote via SMS.

To view the entire line-up of finely crafted finalists, click here.

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