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Gaga’s Gala

The New York Costume Institute Gala falls on the first Monday of May and is hosted by Vogue. It is the premier party for aspiring fashionistas and those lucky enough to attend allow us an insight into who Fashion currently...

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The web and fashion

As I begin this fashion blog I want to start by examining fashion’s relationship with blogs and bloggers. Those of us who read blogs know the power they have to seduce us with new ideas and entice us into trying new things. I...

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Found: The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

The perfect pair of jeans ought to be a bit like a great bra. (Sorry, boys. But really, trust us.) It must fit perfectly, yet not feel restrictive. It must be comfortable. It must magically hide or at least diminish your worst...

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These Shoes Are Made For Walking

Most women need no incentive or encouragement to buy a pair of shoes, so when shoes come along with a promise from the manufacturer that merely walking in it will tone your legs and your buttocks… well, who can possibly resist?...

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Favourite item in your closet right now

OK ladies and gentleman, fire away, what’s your favourite item of clothing in your cupboard closet right now? Name brands, where you bought it and any other comments your have… xoxox PS – when you see the FAQ...

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