May 22, 2014

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Are bloggers the new trend setters?

It’s funny how being in the digital industry has opened my eyes to what’s possible in the realm of blogging. Bloggers are increasingly more influential as they focus on new niches in the industry and it can only benefit the  consumer.

Why are bloggers trend setters?

  • They can build up a following in certain niche markets.
  • Good content matters to advertisers as it creates better context for influential advertising/recommendation.
  • Product reviews have more influence as bloggers are more ‘accessible’ (normal people) and this type of content is seen as friends’ recommendations.
  • Bloggers (hopefully) give you their honest opinion / reviews about products and services.
  • Bloggers are connected to the ‘guy/girl in the street’
  • Bloggers get access to new products and services ahead of anyone else (as they build up reputation). This loop amplifies as they grow their following / traffic and get invited to more activation events. It creates exclusivity that increases readership.
  • They write not because they have to, but because they want to. While this is an idealist’s view, I think it’s true for most high profile bloggers out there.


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Jun 11, 2010

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Sounding Off About The Vuvuzela

The overseas media has likened its ear-splittingly loud sound to the noise an elephant is bound to make while suffering from various ailments. Kinder reviewers think it sounds more like a monotonous foghorn. Everyone is in agreement about one thing though: it is LOUD.

But whether you love it or loathe it, every hearing person in South Africa as well as those who will be watching or listening to broadcasts of the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup around the world, will be subjected to the much maligned and mocked (and even warned against) sound of the vuvuzela over the coming month – whether they like it or not.

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May 20, 2010

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The natural physics of life

It’s not about the destination… This is something we have to remind ourselves of on a daily basis.

I see too many people that live in the future or the past. But true, the ‘now’ is both eternal (for being ‘current conscious’) and yet so brief. We have glimpses of different futures, depending on a mood in the day, depending on what life has brought on your path at a specific moment, but we only have one past and there is but one truth there. There is choice in the now that impacts your future.

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Jan 6, 2010

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New Year’s Revulsions

Over the years, human beings have come up with an increasing amount of ways to inflict physical and emotional torture upon themselves. And once a year, like clockwork, the most masochistic among our species resolve to subject themselves to any number of agonies at once. The most common of these miseries are deprivation (otherwise known as ‘Dieting’ and ‘Quitting’) and strenuous and repeated physical torture (which also goes by the shudder inducing alias of ‘Exercising’). Collectively, it is called ‘New Year’s Resolutions’.

Luckily this particular strain of annual madness is an extremely fleeting condition for the majority of sufferers. Mere days – but often it only takes a few hours – after drunkenly/giddily vowing to yourself (or, regrettably, to one of more others) that you’ll give up all your vices on New Year’s Day, most people return to their slothful, gluttonous and addicted ways.

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Dec 21, 2009

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And Don’t Forget To Wear Sunscreen, Skatties!

If you’re a water baby and a sun worshipper, South Africa is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world to celebrate the festive season.

Sure, our sun-splashed, summery surroundings in December are far removed from the snowy winter wonderland scenes depicted on Christmas cards and heralded in carols; but while our brethren in the northern hemisphere hit the slopes and bundle up in front of crackling log fires to stay warm, we have loads of summer fun, convening around our braai fires and hitting the surf to cool off.

However, one thing we here in South Africa do have in common with almost everyone around the world is that this is the time of year to break away and to be with loved ones. This often involves long distance travel. Unfortunately, December is also notorious for higher accident rates on our roads.

Driver fatigue, high speeds, drunk driving, reckless driving, bad weather and poor mechanical conditions of vehicles are just some of the reasons why the festive season is often marred with high death tolls on the roads. Sadly, this year has been no different. According to Arrive Alive, close to 550 people have already died on the country’s roads since December 1. IOL reports that more than 2 000 drivers have already been arrested for driving under the influence.

We realise that the merry festive season often goes hand in hand with alcohol consumption, but everyone can do their part to be responsible without having to put a cork in the celebration. Organise a designated driver, or be willing to relinquish your keys. Buckle up.

And to the sober person in the driver seat: also remember to slow down. Remain alert. Take frequent breaks during those long haul road trips.

Have a happy, safe, and wonderful holiday season, skatties! See you on the flip side.

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Dec 7, 2009

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What do you call your loved ones?

A quick blog post by My City by Night caught our attention. “Mooiness” – Whoa!! So why don’t you consider “Skattie” as well? People in love call each other strange things. We’ll refrain from making any more comments (out of fear of any more public ridicule), but we’d love to hear other endearing names that you call your loved ones. No it’s not just Capetonians who come up with the most ridiculous names, it’s a nationwide epidemic!

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