It’s not about the destination… This is something we have to remind ourselves of on a daily basis.

I see too many people that live in the future or the past. But true, the ‘now’ is both eternal (for being ‘current conscious’) and yet so brief. We have glimpses of different futures, depending on a mood in the day, depending on what life has brought on your path at a specific moment, but we only have one past and there is but one truth there. There is choice in the now that impacts your future.

It is fact, that positive thoughts will bring a positive future, no matter what the circumstances. In the words of a classic REM song, ‘Everybody hurts – sometime’. To what degree is all about your perception, which has been made up of thousands of previous experiences and thoughts. It is possible to change perception of your circumstances. It follows the natural path of thought – visualisation – realisation. I know it sounds so ‘Secret’, but it’s a simple truth.

Have you ever bought a new piece of clothing, or any other item and suddenly noticed everyone else that has bought the same thing? It’s in our nature to relate, whether good or bad. But to make the best of any given situation is a habit more people should learn. Relating and relationships make us feel better about ourselves. It makes us identify and feel that we belong. It should have nothing to do with ego, but unfortunately this is a natural attribute which all humans have. If you bought something expensive and see someone else with the same item, it makes you feel you belong to the elite that can afford it – ego. It might even make you jealous that there is someone with the same level of financial prosperity, shame skattie. If you bought something that you really needed, that makes your life better, and see someone else with the same thing and the effect it has on their lives, it makes you feel better? If you bought something or donated to someone who really needed it, without ego or possibility of reward in sight, that’s a feeling that can’t be matched – compassion…

Throughout our lives we are presented with opportunities to make choices. These choices impact our futures. If you live in the past, you make choices that are too heavily influenced by that specific past and forget to live the now, because you make a choice to change something that happened in the past (represented in the now) into a possible better future. Does that make sense? I’m not saying don’t use previous experience to make better choices, but be aware of why you are making certain choices. Emotion, or experience? Impossible to truely separate, but just be conscious of your decisions.

So it’s simple really. Sometimes take time to forget about where you were and where you’re going and just enjoy the ride…

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