The perfect pair of jeans ought to be a bit like a great bra. (Sorry, boys. But really, trust us.)

It must fit perfectly, yet not feel restrictive. It must be comfortable. It must magically hide or at least diminish your worst assets while simultaneously enhancing your best (or non-existent). It must be flattering (read: make especially female wearers look as long-legged and thin as possible). Surely that’s not too much to ask, is it?

As it turns out, jeans that fulfil all those requirements – and then some –  actually do exist!

In fact, Canadians have been smugly strutting around in it for a couple of years already. However, whenever we think of Canadian couture – and we admit, it’s not very often – parkas, thermal undies and snow boots are usually the only items that spring to mind. (Sorry, Canadians!) Had we been paying closer attention, perhaps Second Clothing’s range of amazing Yoga jeans wouldn’t have escaped our notice until now.

The Montréal-based company is winning rave reviews with its Yoga jeans, with many of the wearers actually going as far as calling it “miracle jeans”. Made of top-quality denim containing 97% brushed cotton and 3% elastane, Yoga jeans are designed to allow wearers unrestricted movement, even if the jeans do fit you like a second skin.

It also truly lives up to its name, since wearers can even do Yoga poses and stretches in it! (One reporter in Canada actually proved it by putting the jeans through a stretch test in a yoga class.) The 92% shape memory in the fabric will also ensure that you don’t stretch a Yoga jean out of its shape. The jeans will snap right back to its original form, so you won’t have to get bent out of shape ever again about unsightly sagging around your knees or bum, no matter how many downward dogs you perform!

Apart from being great at retaining its own shape, Yoga jeans have already built up a large amount of devout female followers who say that it also lives up to its marketing promise of truly flattering women of all shapes, sizes and ages. And the best news? Since the jeans are so stretchy, many women recommend actually buying a size or two SMALLER than you would normally wear! What a bonus, ‘eh? (As the Canadians would say.)

Yoga jeans come in mid- and low-rise with options ranging from boot cut, flare, straight or skinny leg. Unfortunately the jeans aren’t stocked by any South African retailers just yet, but before you pelt us with tomatoes for telling you about something great that you can’t even buy here, hang on!

According to Second Clothing’s Jennifer Hilsden, they offer direct online shopping from the company’s website and will be more than happy to ship it anywhere in the world. In an e-mail to us, Jennifer writes: “The jean is very easy to fit online since a few sizes can fit one person on account of so much stretch.”

Any local clothing retailers interested in carrying the range should feel free to contact Second Clothing directly (e-mail addresses are available on the site).

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