While drama lovers can now see South African actress Euodia Samson every Sunday as Cheryl in M-Net’s newest multi-generational drama, Summertide, book lovers can look forward to adding her second book, Know Thyself, to their collection this month.

The Cape Town-born actress and TV personality as well as the African Academy Nominated Actress for the Netflix movie “ Angeliena” as well as her roles in shows such as Arendsvlei, Waterfront, and Onder Draai die Duiwel Rond, released a cookbook, Heal Your Gut, in 2022 and is now back with a self-help book entitled Know Thyself.

Samson is a trained Tension and Trauma Release Therapist has a diploma in Communication and Counselling from SACAP( College Of Applied Psychology) and is an Integrated Wellness Consultant. She released her first book, in a quest to promote healthy living and good eating and her second book takes a more holistic mental health approach.

“The book has personal anecdotes on various topics of discussion. It is semi-autobiographical and looks at how I went about rediscovering myself. I hope this will allow others to tell their own story, and accept it all; the good, the bad, and the ugly and celebrate their journey as I am doing,” said Samson who has wholeheartedly embraced her journey as an author and overcoming her doubts about writing due to her dyslexia she experienced throughout her school year.

Three years ago, with her sons having moved out, the 54-year-old health and wellness ambassador found herself with more time on her hands and started a daily Facebook Live show. The show was well received and encouraged Samson to expand her counselling and consultation work.

“As a Tension and Trauma Release Therapist and counsellor for the last eight years or so, one realises that there are things people have blind spots for. They repeat cycles of behaviour and get stuck in patterns that are often destructive and have no clue as to why they do it. Counselling is the place where we delve into the exploration of the reasons why, but not all have the resources to come to counselling and are still very hesitant to seek it,” said Samson adding that the book and her subsequent speaking engagements are her way of making this type of healing more accessible.

She says the book focuses on areas she had to work on.

“I had to do an in-depth exploration of self, to fully understand myself, my triggers, and my beliefs about various things and get to the origin of those understandings, as to not only get to a place of true acceptant of myself but have a clear idea of what will make me truly happy and content,” she said.

The book is aimed at a wide age range, but Samson says that it is particularly helpful for those in their 30s and older.

“I do find that late ’30s and middle age people seem to have more of a crisis as their set friends, behaviours, interests, and job environment suddenly do not bring them the joy and satisfaction it once did and then they start grappling with the reasons why, and often, as I mention in my book, one starts blaming and naming and shaming everything external for their lack of joy but it’s the inward things that are needing looking at and rediscovery. Through the exercise portion after every chapter, I hope that readers will not just read the book but do the exploratory exercises to truly benefit from this book.”

Samson’s passion for the subject has led her to open herself to take on speaking engagements on the topic.

“I hope to expose a greater audience to the exploration of self and the benefits to be gained from this process, who might not necessarily have the resources to pay for therapy or have a traditional understanding of seeking outside help for things they are struggling with. I strive to bring hope and relief, and if nothing else, an understanding of self to a wider audience.”

The book retails at R220 each and can be ordered via Whatsapp: 079 152 7478.

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