Live shows at the Baxter Theatre, at 8 pm each night, 13, 14, 16, and 17 December 2022

The uniquely Capetonian musical production with Cape Minstrels & Malay Choirs, THE JIVE CULTURE SHOCK, returns for yet another season of dancing and performances, live on stage – in association with YMA Consulting.

Season one of this uniquely popular production introduced South African (and international) audiences to the greater talents of the various Cape Minstrels & Malay Choirs, as this concept was born under the Covid-19 lockdown regulations in 2020.

“The arts sector was hit hard as the livelihoods of many artists, musicians and technicians were affected by the prohibition of live events. With the annual minstrel and Malay choir events cancelled, the producers saw the opportunity to provide a safe alternative for this type of cultural expression, hence THE JIVE CULTURE SHOCK was created,” says producers Oddball Concepts.

The online versions broadcast for two successful seasons, in 2020 and 2021.

With restrictions lifted this year, the production can finally happen live on stage. The format this year will replace the competition element with a big festive showcase of Minstrels, Malay Choirs and brass bands at the Concert Hall at The Baxter Theatre on 13,14,16 and 17 December.

Hosts; Actress, choreographer and producer Rushney Furguson and actor and singer Shadley Schroeder (playing the character Boeta Saatjie) will take you on a rather candid, tell-all journey that is was the Jive Culture.

“ I am so excited to go on this fabulous journey with all these amazing and talented people again this year. To go from audience member to judge, and now to co-host and creative director, is an honour! Jive Culture Shock was brought to life during the pandemic when everything was either online or non-existent, so my excitement is at an all-time high because we are finally able to bring in a live audience at full capacity. To feel the energy from the bodies in the seats, the laughter, the love and just seeing happy and smiling faces looking back at you is going to be so amazing! Audiences should definitely come out and experience the joyfulness of our production. ” says Rushney Furguson.

A few more additions other than the brass bands this year will be singer and songwriter Fagrie Isaacs, known as the Luther Vandross of Cape Town, who will add a touch of his smooth and sultry voice. No stranger to the game, Fagrie has graced the stages of Malay choir and minstrel competitions for years. An exciting old-school flavour has been added, as we take the legendary Boeta Armien Vardien and Boeta Ali Floris out of retirement as they perform their swan song this festive season.

With a younger cast performing throughout the show, a backing 10-piece band, a big brass band, and the veterans doing their final bows – Jive Culture Shock season 3 certainly is a festive, cultural showcase with a flavour for everyone.

The Jive Culture Shock has had Fusion Inyameko and the Red Cross Children’s Trust on board since its inception, and a percentage of each ticket sold will be donated to these worthy organisations. Fusion Inyameko works with orphans and the homeless, while Red Cross Children’s Trust makes sure every child gets the medical attention they deserve. Patrons are urged to additionally donate toward these worthy causes on the Webtickets platform.

“With our busy lives, it’s often difficult to prioritise ‘giving back’ to others outside of our immediate families. So when we can, we try to act as a platform to bring awareness or a catalyst to financially contribute to organisations who do the groundwork on our behalf, as society at large.” says producers Oddball Concepts.

Tickets will be available from, selected Pick ‘n Pay stores or directly from the Baxter Theatre Centre ranging from R150-R200 each. Participating organisations will also be selling tickets and their details will be made available on social media very soon.


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