Billed as SA’s next top hip-hop sensation, Imaad Baderoen, aka Gr8ful, drops his latest single, Slippery on all streaming platforms today.

The charismatic 21-year-old has already formed quite a fan base since releasing his first EP in 2021 with catchy beats and lyrics that speak directly to the GenZ audience. His previous success has made for much anticipation towards his latest single release, which forms part of his EP, Nobody, releasing in the near future.

Despite being influenced by various artists and music, the Cape Town-born-and-raised musician sticks to his own authentic voice, calling his sixth single to date, Slippery, “one chapter of the complete story” which is his anticipated EP.

“I’d say the best way to describe the sound I’m going for with Nobody is a fluid and versatile sound from switching between melodies, bar-for-bar lyrics, and different style beats. The EP as a whole is a more refined sound and a good indication of the stage I’m currently at musically and personally,” he said.

The rapper’s music can be characterised as catchy and relatable as he works towards a brand that reflects humility and gratitude paired with an impressive work ethic and raw talent.

The independent artist started developing himself as a rapper in his teens, freestyling around Cape Town and drawing inspiration from the city. Following his studies at Hout Bay International School and the beginning of the Covid pandemic, he committed to pursuing music full-time, adopting his moniker, Gr8ful, as a reminder to practice gratitude.

His greatest influencers are international hip-hop and rap artists such as Tupac, Notorious B.I.G, Lauryn Hill, and Jay-Z but he believes in homegrown talent just as much. For the upcoming EP, Gr8ful has collaborated with some of the country’s top producers including Soulful Clay and Ameen Harron.

“The entire EP was produced by Soulful Clay. I feel like we had created a good working relationship and understanding within our creative processes allowing us to explore various genres and sounds that can be heard on the EP. Ameen handled mixing and mastering and this process is very much a technical side which helps to enhance all aspects of the song and allow for everything to be a lot clearer and just shine as a whole. Juzzy and deBoov Studios helped with the visuals of Slippery and brought the song to life through visual presentation. From beats to the music video and behind the scenes the vision I had was completed with the help of these creatives,” he said.

You can listen to Slippery here:
Check out YouTube for more videos and behind-the-scenes footage:

Slippery is out on all streaming platforms today with a music video hot on its heels.

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More about Gr8ful

The 21-year-old Cape Town-born-and-raised artist has made some unique musical strides since his debut offering in 2021.

Following his studies at Cape Town’s International School, Gr8ful committed to pursuing music full-time as a constant reminder to practice gratitude – hence the adoption of Gr8ful as his stage name.

Gr8ful is determined to lead the next generation of SA hip-hop stars in the most influential musical genre in South Africa by working on his musical craft, with sheer precision, since his first release in May 2021.

The rapper and songwriter’s first EP, The Intro, is a three-single compilation, which gained some awareness and Klout in The Mother City.

Gr8ful has released over 6 new singles in total, including his second compilation,

Perspectives, as well as various accompanying music videos to earmark his spot on the SA music scene.

With a brand that reflects unique humility, gratitude, an impressive work ethic, and raw talent, Gr8ful sees prolific artists such as Tupac, Notorious B.I.G, Lauryn Hill, and Jay-z to be his musical hip-hop and rap influences.

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