Pretoria-born musician Alzanley Lizemore celebrates the release of her newest single, Klein Oneindigheid, on all streaming platforms today.

Lizemore who started her musical journey in retaliation to being rejected by her school’s junior choir in Grade 1, honed her craft, worked to develop her voice, express herself in dramatic performances, and even learn to play the piano.

Klein Oneindigheid is a follow-up project to her previously released singles: Daar is Hoop, Wind en Sand and I Don’t Wanna Know.

The song is inspired by her husband (boyfriend at the time) who she says made her feel safe and loved.

“There are many ways to be inspired. In this case, I’m inspired by my husband, for being the most beautiful person with the biggest heart. The world deserves more people like him. He inspires me to be a better person, every day. My vocal mentor for her breathtaking talent, dedication to the craft, and efforts and appreciation toward me as an artist. She’s had my back since, forever. Lastly, the dream team of ATKV-Crescendo. They’re breathing life into the art of music, it is truly a sight to behold,” she said.

The passionate performer is currently one of a group of South Africa’s most talented songwriters and performers who formed part of the ATKV-Crescendo Musical Development Project’s top twelve finalists in 2022.

“The ATKV-Crescendo band helped bring the dream to life with their epic musical talents. I recorded the song at Sunset Recording Studios, working with the wonderful Jurgen von Wechmar. The brilliant Jaques Victor and Helmut Meijer both had their hands on the project finalizing Klein Oneindigheid. Today, we have my first Afrikaans original song, thanks to these amazing artists,” she said.

The singer who credits her parents for a well-rounded musical taste is heavily influenced by both local and international acts.

“Artists in South Africa who have been a vocal inspiration for me include Nadine, Lynelle Kenned, Burgerd Botha, and Corlea Botha. Internationally, I’m inspired by Caissie Levy, Taylor Swift, and Mayday Parade. I adore the Beegees, Celine Dion, Meatloaf, Parrish, and Toppano and just too many others to mention. Inspiration is all around us,” she said.

Lizemore will be releasing an Afrikaans EP later this year, entitled Klein Oneindigheid, with two music videos ready to be released.

“I’m excited for everyone to hear what we’ve been up to,” she shares.

Listen to the song on YouTube here:

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