SA musician Daylin Sass returns to the stage this September, with the second instalment of his production – Daylin Sass Live – as a continued tribute to the singer’s late mother.

The show, which was first performed last year on 9 September honouring Sass’s late mother who passed away in April of the same year, will take place at Roxy Revue Bar at GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World.

“The show was played to a sold-out live and online audience and we decided to bring it back for a second instalment,” said Sass adding that he was excited for the addition of two fellow Capetonian acts to the line-up.

He will be joined by SAMA Nominated Singer-songwriter Jodi Jantjies and 14-year-old musical prodigy Sayde Fillis.

“Cape Town audiences love a good show with good music and good production quality. Knowing what your audience wants is one of the most crucial things to know in this industry. I wouldn’t say I’ve mastered it, but I’m constantly learning which songs work for them, and which don’t. I love a Cape Town crowd because their joyful spirits uplift me to do better with every song or even every note. Their shouts of acclamation, their scream of anticipation is nerve-wracking, but it’s so beautiful to see/hear how they react when I walk onto a stage especially when it’s one of my own shows. The support means everything to me,” said Sass.

The show dubbed Daylin Sass Live II is very personal to Sass who says he conceptualised the line-up at a time that was very difficult for him emotionally as an artist and human being.

“When this show was put together, I had just lost my mom, and I took a huge step back to just grieve and go through the emotions of losing my mom and getting used to the new way of living without her on my side.

“Like all my other shows, it takes a lot of time and effort to put concepts together that are different, and this show is just one of those things where you know exactly how it’s going to play out. You know exactly what to do, how to do it, and when and which emotions will be evoked in the audience. Simply because it’s real and relatable. Everyone has lost someone in their lifetime making the show very relatable,” he said.

Jantjies echoes these sentiments, “You can expect a lot of emotions and honesty and just raw vulnerability. I think Daylin exudes those qualities when he sings, and I think it’ll rub off on me. I often rely on the energy of the room, and I already know that just Daylin being there will help me to perform at my best with those qualities.”

Fillis is equally excited to be performing with Daylin.

“I am looking forward to it and I’m extremely excited to perform alongside Daylin. It’s my first time doing a duet with him, so I’m nervous but also excited at the same time,” says the novice performer who broke into the scene at the age of 12 when a video of him singing Easy on Me by Adele went viral.

The show will be taking place during Heritage Month, which holds special significance to all three performers.

“My culture is my pride. I might not have the best knowledge of where I come from, but I know who I am and what I stand for. Being born, raised, and still residing in Hanover Park, I’ve seen a lot. I’ve heard a lot. I’ve been through a lot and still am going through a lot. My Heritage is mine. It’s important for me to learn about it. We don’t celebrate our heritage as coloured people as much as we need to because we have so much good to speak about/showcase and Heritage Month is the time to learn and speak about who we are as a people. As a vast group of people with many talents, skill sets and gifts,” said Sass.


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