Easter 2010 is already just a fading memory, but luckily for all chocoholics out there, our favourite sweet treat is also packed choc-full of antioxidants that are beneficial to our general health and well-being all year round. So provided that we indulge in moderation and stick to the dark, genuine stuff, we need not deprive ourselves until the Easter Bunny hops around again.

As South Africans, we are lucky enough to live on the continent that produces the highest amount of cocoa in the world. On a happy, between-Easter hunt for chocolates, we stumbled upon a local chocolate maker who is taking full advantage of this fact by creating chocolates with a high cocoa percentage.

Richard von Geusau, founder of von Geusau Chocolates, was a frustrated city accountant before abandoning his career and life in the city. His passion for good chocolate led him to the charming Overberg town of Greyton where he flung open the doors to von Geusau Chocolates. Fellow chocolate lovers have been thanking him ever since.

The making of good chocolate is an intricate, hands-on process. After procuring the best of chocolate couvertures from a renowned Belgian supplier, Richard combines cream – fresh from the farm – roasted nuts and exotic liqueurs to painstakingly make all the chocolates by hand. The result is a wide variety of chocolates, some infused with true South African flavours such as Amarula, which will seduce your taste buds and melt your heart. If you’re in the mood for something exotic, try the Chili or Masala Chai.

For more information, visit the von Geusau Chocolates website.

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